Market analysis is always a great step towards setting up your business in any location. It also helps choose the ideal location as per competition, benefits of setting up a business, etc. If you’re working on establishing a recruitment agency, then going for a market analysis would help a lot.
For starters, you’ll know what your competitors are and what companies are working with them. You’ll also know what services they offer, which will help narrow down your business requirements and you’ll have a better approach to entering the market.

Applying for a Recruitment Agency License in Dubai
With all the above details gathered and organized, you’ll need to apply for your recruitment agency license in Dubai. Most cases require you to obtain a commercial license for your firm. You will be applying to the Department of Economic Development DED for the license.
In addition, you’ll also need to register your company with the Ministry of Labor in Dubai and appoint a local operational manager. This manager will be handling recruitment proceedings for your business, which is why he/she must be a UAE national with a proper license in this field.

Average Costs For Starting A Recruitment Agency In Dubai
The cost of starting any business in Dubai or the UAE depends upon the type of business you’re starting and the scale you want it to expand. In addition, the location where you’re starting your business affects the costs since freezones offer better business opportunities due to tax exemptions from the government.
On average, starting a recruitment agency business will take AED 15,000 – AED 25,000, including licensing. Again, this isn’t a definite figure and can be affected by the factors discussed above.

How Can IBG Consulting Help?
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