Welcome to the topic “M1 MacBook vs. iMac: Which one should you buy?

iMac 2021 or MacBook Pro? Which should you buy? The answer is not as simple as you might think and mainly depends on what you’re looking for in your next Mac.

Apple has been known for its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. But to get a sense of which machine is best for your needs, the only way to decide is by looking at these two machines side-by-side. To help you make that decision, we will compare iMac 2021 and MacBook Pro in terms of design, weight, cost, and more!

iMac 2021 vs. MacBook Pro How much do they cost?

The initial level iMac 2021 comes at around $1300 with a powerful 8-core CPU, impressive 7-core GPU, and 256GB of storage. However, there are other variants as well. You will come across an iMac model featuring an 8-core GPU for only $1500, as well as a 512GB variant for $1700. These expensive models are available in many shades, and all look good. Your available color options are Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver.

On the other hand, Apple’s MacBook Pro comes at around £1000 initial machine. However, the high-end variant comes at $2,400 and features the latest Intel 2.6GHz 6-core 9th-generation i7 processor, and you will get a 512GB SSD for secure storage.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a 2.3GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel i9 processor along with 1TB of storage at only spend $2,799.