MBT Shoes: A Workout With Every Step

Life is tough enough on its own, let alone when your shoes work against you. Traditional shoes, by their very nature, make it easier to balance. The special cushioning found in the majority of shoes today actually can lead to neglected muscles in the legs, not to mention potential back and posture problems.But what if there were a shoe that could reverse all the bad habits of traditional shoes while improving your posture, increasing circulation and even providing a light workout? As you may have guessed by now, such a shoe exists. MBT shoes take advantage of cutting edge design to mimic the conditions of walking barefoot in sand, thereby employing all of your legs' muscles to maintain balance.These exciting new shoes offer a great way to supplement your normal workouts through your daily life, from the office to basketball court. Consider these great styles of MBT shoes the next time you need a new pair:

MBT Women's Chapa GTX GORE-TEX in Coffee Brown Suede/Mesh - Waterproof

Are those sessions with the treadmill or those early morning jogs simply not cutting it? Give yourself a leg up with the Waterproof MBT Women's Chapa GTX GORE-TEX in Coffee Brown Suede/Mesh. These athletic looking shoes feature natural colors, offering a truly earthy look. These shoes will change the way you walk, providing a more natural looking gait and better posture, to boot. Although these shoes are rather sporty, they are perfectly fine for wearing around the house, to the store or on other errands. Inject a little exercise into every bit of your life!

MBT Men's Chapa - Water Nubuck/Mesh

When you try to balance on an unstable surface, you've got to use muscle throughout your whole body, including your legs, core and back. Picture a shoe that could offer this kind of workout with each step you take. You can have it, with the MBT Men's Chapa in Water Nubuck/Mesh. Available in a wide range of colors, they're the perfect alternative to those old, worn out gym shoes.

MBT Women's Lami Mary-Jane - Red Suede

Do you want a shoe that helps your fitness routine, but doesn't look like it? The MBT Women's Lami Mary-Jane in Red Suede is perfect for you! With its cute and accessible red, white and grey colors, this shoe looks hip and fun but doesn't scream "workout sneaker!"

Through the unique design of its multilayered sole, the Lami Mary Jane simulates walking barefoot on uneven surfaces to challenge your legs with every step. That means a walk around the block with the dog is giving your legs a sexy sculpt! The classic Mary Jane strap gives the shoe a feminine touch while still keeping you nice and comfortable. With its beautiful bright tones and feminine details, you don't have to sacrifice fashion for function with the MBT Women's Lami Mary Jane in Red Suede.

MBT Women's Maliza - Grey Leather

Sometimes a girl needs a comfortable, but still stylish shoe to wear all day long. Ladies, don't sacrifice function for fashion when you can have them both in this wonderful shoe! Made of soft grey leather, the MBT Women's Maliza will blend perfectly with any daytime outfit you can put together. On your weekend trip discovering the history of Boston, or those shopping days in Paris, these shoes will keep you comfortable and cute all day. Not to mention the Masai Barefoot Technology that keeps your body in shape while you walk! The function in this shoe will help to relieve muscular tension and pain in your joints that you can develop when touring the streets of any city! Pack bolder punch with these kicks and get them in either the black or brown colors.

MBT Men's Fanaka GTX GORE-TEX in Chocolate Nubuck - Waterproof

Do you imagine spending more time out with the guys or your special lady instead of being held up at the gym? Replace your casual shoes with these amazing shaping shoes and stop being a slave to the gym! MBT knows that achy feet don't make us productive and have developed some unique shoe technology to beat it. Using an MBT shoe provides benefits that are similar to balancing on a ball. MBT Men's Fanaka GTX GORE-TEX in Chocolate Nubuck helps you walk more upright and improves your posture.When you wear these cool kicks, your back and joints are strengthened, circulation is increased and breathing is more efficient. So, proudly wear the MBT Men's Fanaka on your next date, or to the stadium and you and your feet will be happy all day long.Regardless of your lifestyle, there's a perfect MBT shoe for you. Add the many benefits of MBT shoes, including improved posture, increased calorie burning and better muscle tone, to your life and find the perfect pair now.

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