How to Properly Take Care of Your Italian Shoes

Italian shoes can be quite expensive so taking good care of them will be in your best interest. The better care you take of your Italian shoes the longer that they will last and the better that they will look. In this article we will discuss some tips on how you can properly take care of Italian shoes for men and women alike.

Water proofing your Italian shoes will help to protect them and therefore have them last longer. Some shoes will already be water proofed when you buy them but in the case that they haven't you will need to do it yourself. You can buy the water proofing from a shoe store but be sure that it is okay for the material that your shoes are made from. If you are unsure as to whether or not your shoes have been water proofed you can ask the store clerk or even the tag that was on your shoes may tell you.

Some people will force their foot into their Italian shoes. This can ruin them. It will not happen immediately but after a while of doing this say a couple of months the shoes will start to show signs of damage and cracking. By using a shoe horn you are guiding and gliding your foot into the shoe so that there is no damage being done to it.

Store your Italian shoes in a dry place because moisture can ruin the material over time. Stuff the toe with some newspaper and make sure that the natural shape is not being restricted. This will ensure that the shape of your shoes will be the same as they were the day that you bought them from the store..

Don't shine your shoes too much! Although you are taught to shine your shoes whenever you are going out the shining of the shoe can actually damage it. Over time shining your shoes too much will eventually wear away at the leather and will make it look bland.

Italian designer shoes can be a great purchase and because they are always expensive you should be sure that you take good care of them. If you follow the tips in this article you will be able to wear your shoes for a long time.

Remember, these tips will work whether we are talking about Italian shoes for men or for women, since they are made under the same high quality standards.

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