3 Simple Winter Pool Maintenance Steps

Do you like to go swimming in wintertime? While it's a tradition in some cultures, most of us would rather warm up, with a cup of hot chocolate on hand, beside the fireplace. However, we should still take the time to prepare our swimming pools for the wintertime. Here are the critical winter pool maintenance steps that can help you ensure your pool will be up and ready when spring starts springing pool maintenance.

1. Drain the filter. This is the first step that you should take whenever you're ready to close underground swimming pools. You can do this by disconnecting the line connecting the filter to the swimming area. Furthermore, you should open up any of the filter's drain plugs. 

2. Lower the pool's water level. For this winter pool maintenance step, you'll need to first connect a garden hose to a pump that can be safely submerged in water. Reduce the level of the water below the jets. The "jets" are the vents through which filtered water flows back into the swimming area. This permits water contained in the lines between the filter and swimming area, to flow into the pool. Thus, the lines won't break during the wintertime. That's a good thing! Afterwards, you should plug up the skimmer holes and jets, to prevent water from flowing into the lines.  

3. Install the cover used for pools. This is the next step for proper winter pool maintenance. If you need a new cover, then this is the time to replace it-not when the weather's ideal for polar bears and snowmen. It's highly advisable to invest in a quality cover, to prevent finding it at the bottom of your swimming area (rather than on top of it), when springtime arrives. 

A safety cover is a better option. In particular, snow and rain can enter the mesh, so you won't need to pump off water in the spring. Maintaining swimming pools is challenging enough, so it's always useful to minimize the amount of upkeep that you'll need to do when you reopen the pool. These safety covers are relatively inexpensive and a cinch to install. 

If you want the Rolls Royce of pool covers, then spring for an automatic cover. By simply turning a key, you can open or close your swimming area in less than a minute!  Pretty amazing, huh?

These steps will help you to perform winter pool maintenance before you transfer indoors for the winter. Use them to protect the area as it hibernates until springtime. You'll be glad you did!

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